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  • TOP Flash Games

    TOP Flash Games

    The best flash games for your attention. Try it and you will not regret it! Super Smash Flash 2 This game is exactly what you will like! Here you will find everything that will not let you get away from the screen! There are all sorts of official and unofficial Nintendo characters for the game.[...]

  • The Most Exciting Flash Game s of all Times

    The Most Exciting Flash Game s of all Times

    Can you admit  that often when you sit at your office, you sometimes get bored? Imagine that you have already completed the required tasks, there are no new ones, but the working day has not yet finished. What to do? Playing a flash game is a good option! Someone thinks that such games are a[...]

  • Flash Games : the Most Exciting Ones

    Flash Games : the Most Exciting Ones

    Let’s talk about the best flash games of all time? Perhaps if you sometimes get bored then flash games are a great way to have fun! Super Mario 63 This is like a 2D version or Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. A very well-filled fan made in Mario Flash. Play through the levels,[...]

  • Super Mario

    Super Mario

    If you’ve never heard of a super Mario game before, you’ve lost a lot! This is a simple game, but it’s really brilliant! And  it’s popularity proves it! Super Mario – an addictive adventure game, the main character of which is a plumber Mario, which overcomes a lot of difficulties  in its path. The game[...]

  • The Most Popular Flash-Games

    The Most Popular Flash-Games

    If I ask you if you ever rattle a flash game, and your answer will be “no” – you’re definitely lying to me! In this article we will look at the most popular flash games of all times! Line rider If you have not played this game yet, you have not lived. At a glance,[...]