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Flash Games : the Most Exciting Ones

Flash Games : the Most Exciting Ones

Let’s talk about the best flash games of all time? Perhaps if you sometimes get bored then flash games are a great way to have fun!

Super Mario 63

This is like a 2D version or Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. A very well-filled fan made in Mario Flash. Play through the levels, collect stars and open new doors. There are  lots of interesting and incredibly bright levels that you will definitely like!

Bloons TD 5

An exciting and remarkable Tower Defense game with tons of depths featuring monkeys against balloons. The amount of levels for the game is impressive. Updates for Monkey Emergency Objects are awesome. Each level will grab you! If you have any business, then cancel them at once, because you will not be able to break away from the game!

Swords and souls

Swords and Souls is a step-by-step combat game devoted to Rogue, which wants to become the best guy on earth. Teach him to raise, he will become stronger and stronger. Battle against tons of other more powerful swindlers. Use items and magic sparingly. When you lose, learn a little more and find out which objects and magic work best against your opponent. Modernization is so fascinating. You will play the whole day!

 Swords and Sandals 2

The gladiators who fought to death have never been so fun. After a shipwreck, you are on the edge of the island. Your character is forced to kill an accomplice in order to earn his freedom. After that you become a professional gladiator. Upgrading weapons and armor with gold is needed. Worthy another wrestler with progress RPG.

Run 3

All versions of the game Run are great. We recommend part 3 because it has several additional levels and better graphics than others. Play as a circle of alien guy and run through the tube levels. Try to avoid holes in the ground by moving or jumping over them. As the level of progress becomes harder.

Strike for heroes 2

An epic action packed 2d shooter. Play as soldiers of a group that has its own unique skills and weapons. Complete the epic missions in a fun, reliable campaign.

Age of War 2

Commanding soldiers in a war that goes through an hour. You will start in an era of cave time. When you move your weapon, the attacks and soldiers will change. In the end, you will make it to the future. Fight against lasers against robots. It’s pretty crazy and funny.

The Road of the Dead 2

Road Of The Dead 2 is one of the generic flash games in which the first person is displayed. You shoot and drive at the same time. You are trying to do this along the way. The problem is that it is filed with zombies and obstacles. Try to go as far as possible, removing zombies. When you’re dying, use to become upgrade. After a while, you will be better off, and updates should help you do this through this deadly path.

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