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The best flash games for your attention.

The best flash games for your attention.

The best flash games for your attention. Try it and you will not regret it!

Super Smash Flash 2

This game is exactly what you will like! Here you will find everything that will not let you get away from the screen! There are all sorts of official and unofficial Nintendo characters for the game. There are all modes, such as training and online games. Super Smash Flash 2 has been updated for many years. Correcting and adding new things saved this game. If you are a fan of the series, do not miss the exciting adventures that will give you this game.


Play as a small man-stick of dexterity like a ninja. So difficult and fun to escape, jump and avoid obstacles. Collect yellow squares for extra time. Hit the switches and try to do this on the way out of the level without dying. There are so many levels to play in N!

Elephant Quest

Elephant Quest is a great game with a lot of RPG elements. This Elephant goes to mission quests. You will fight enemies, find keys that open new doors and update the statistics of your elephants. Your Elephant and your weapons will eventually become GOD if you played enough.

Sonny 1 and 2

If you like to play based on JRPG combat games, with lots of skills and abilities, then you need to play both Sonny 1 and 2. Sci-Fi settings, as well as first-rate characters and group history, full of mutants, is what makes Dreams feel unique. The characteristics of grinding and feeding are what Sonny likes most about me. Sonny has great progress in the characters, it’s even better than some modern RPGs. Armor Games recently released Sonny’s remake for PC / Android and iOS. Remake is not as good as classic flash games, although it’s worth trying and compared.


Linerider lets you create your own 2D compositions and check them out. If you get bored, save the progress and download it again during the next play. See these creative examples on YouTube to see what can be built. A great killer time for those who like to build tracks: D.


It resembles the classic game of Dig Dug on steroids. Motherload is digging, refueling, collecting resources for money, and purchasing updates for your drilling vehicle. The graphics are different in date, but the gameplay is so good and exciting does not matter. A journey is waiting for you. Just keep digging for it.

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