Have some fun with Papa’s Games.

Papa’s Games provides you with a variety of entertainment options, including Bakeria, Burgeria and Donuteria. Have some fun with Papas Games.

Do you have a little extra time to play some online games? Have you tried out Papa’s Games, yet? These are simple to learn and allow you to pass some time having fun.

Papa’s Bakeria

Life can be very stressful and games allow you to vent in a positive fashion. The focus of Papa’s Games are restaurants. This is simple and straightforward; you don’t need to memorize an encyclopedia to get started.

You can find a great variety of restaurants from different cultures. Papa’s Barkeria allows you to make your favorite cakes, pies and treats. Show your skills as a pastry chef in a busy shopping center.

Papa’s Freezeria

Do you like ice cream? So does Papa and a number of hungry customers at Papa’s Freezeria. Take orders, add the proper ingredients and create tasty milkshakes, ice cream cones and desserts for everyone.

How fast are you? As you advance, there will be more customers with more complicated orders and the game will speed up. Don’t get too nervous, just have fun making some great frozen treats.

Papa’s Pizzeria

Although, Papa has a lot of different foods to choose from, there is a slight Italian feel to this gaming network. You will see a variety of Italian restaurants, including Papa’s Pasteria and Papa’s Pasteria. Some of the graphics might remind you of Mario’s Brothers.

Can you make a great pizza pie? Listen carefully to your customers. Add the cheese, olives and sausage to their pizzas. Learn some new recipes as you advance and don’t panic.

Papa’s Sushiria

You can also choose from an Asian restaurant with Papa’s Sushiria. Add fish, vegetables and herbs to satisfy your lunch crowd. It is not easy being a sushi chef; but if you succeed, you can expect to get some good tips.

As you advance, you might learn a couple of new sushi dishes. These could help you the next time you visit an offline sushi bar.

Papa’s Wingeria

Did you know that Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo, New York? Now, you can make your own wings for all your hungry guests. Which type of wings do they want?

You better get the sauces right. Don’t make them too hot or watch out! Too many mistakes and you could lose this game.

Papa Louie

There are 3 Papa Louie games to choose from. Papa’s Games has created a magical pizza box in these series. You can advance by collecting coins, adding new skills and crushing all the monsters.

Once you master one Papa Louie game, you can advance to the next level. This adventure game is a little change of pace from the other game concepts. Master Papa Louie 3 to become King of the Hill.

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