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AUTISM ASSOCIATES is an organization founded by Psychologist Okey-Martins and a group of therapists and parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related developmental disabilities in Nigeria.


The primary goal of Autism Associates is early detection, intervention and integration of young children and adults with ASD in Nigeria. We are deeply convinced that there is hope and help for individuals living in the autism spectrum and that such hope and help can be made available in Nigeria. Persons with developmental disabilities particularly autism spectrum disorders are at the short end of the stick in our country, where services are minimal and in critical shortage. Autism Associates emerged as one of the few services to bridge the gap in service availability for this neglected community.

Individuals with ASD are not burdens and hopeless economic liabilities as is wrongly believed by some people. In fact, they can be cute, wonderful and resourceful persons, who like everyone else, are simply different. Each individual is unique, has unique potentials and we of Autism Associates are committed to helping each person reach his or her fullest potentials.


Book Title

"An insight to special needs in Autism."


Okey Martins Nwokolo







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